Club – Health & Wellbeing

Wangaratta Rovers Football / Netball Club

Player Wellbeing & Mentor Program

‘Building  a strong culture of community through the integration of wellbeing and sport’.


Rationale for Player Wellbeing Program

The Wangaratta Rovers Football Netball Club is an organisation with a very long    and proud history. A significant source of this pride is drawn out of a most successful     on-field story that has led to many Premierships at both a Senior and Junior level and in both Football and Netball.

Our Club motto of ‘Winning is in Our Blood – Accept Nothing Less’ is born out of an era where words like strength and courage were associated with physical acts on the playing arena.

Today, as a club we are still seeking that on-field success and ultimate glory of Premierships, but we now understand that we are living and operating within a different era where the pressures that are impacting on our young people are far greater and require sporting organisations to establish a culture that is supportive of young people and the various social, emotional and physical concerns that impact their lives.

Through the Wangaratta Rovers Wellbeing Program we hope to educate our players and coaches about the importance of our own personal wellbeing as well as the importance of supporting the wellbeing of others.

Our goal as a club and a community is to again become a powerhouse of the Ovens and Murray but within an environment that is welcoming, supportive and responsive to the needs of our players and coaches.


Focus Areas to Support the Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Players

  • Emphasis on Supporting Players and Coaches with a Balanced Approach to Sport
  • Building Strong Minds and Looking at Building a culture of Resilience at both an Individual and Club Level
  • Providing Support to Players and Coaches through Education and Communication

Session One – 

Presenting the Wangaratta Rovers Football and Netball Wellbeing Program – 2018

:    An Overview

Session Two –

Wangaratta Rovers Football  & Netball Club

:    What do we value?

:    How do we want to be viewed in the community

:    How do we build effective relationships inside and outside our club?


Session Three –

The 4 R’s  –  Respectful, Responsible and Reconciling Relationships.

:    Honest Relationships built on trust and communication

:    Maintaining a Strong Sense of Self  while Developing Skills to Support  Problem Solving and Resolving Conflict

:    Defining RESILIENCE  –  building a culture of Resilience


Session Four –

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

:    Educating our club on what a pro-active stance on Drugs & Alcohol ‘Looks Like,’ ‘Feels Like’ and ‘Sounds Like.’


Session Five –

Understanding Mental Health & RUOK

:    Developing a deeper understanding of Mental Health and Personal Wellbeing.

:    Creating an RUOK culture that is developed as an extension of our club values.


Session Six –  

Review  &  Celebration

:   Reflection on the Rovers Wellbeing Program as a celebration of commitment to each other and our own personal wellbeing