Hall of Fame – Len Greskie

2007 Hall of Fame Inductee – Leonard Graham Greskie (Dec)

Premierships : 1958, 1960, 1964, 1965
Grand Finals : 1959, 1962, 1967
Best & Fairest : 1965
Most Consistent : 1961, 1964
Most Determined : 1966
Best 1st Year Player : 1958
Life Member
Vice Captain : 1968
Ovens & Murray Rep 1966 (2)
236 (Consecutive – Including 23 Finals)
Coach North Wangaratta : 1970-1973
Ovens & King Premiership : North Wangaratta 1973

When Len Greskie a bright eyed youngster, left Moyhu to join the Wangaratta Rovers in 1958, he brought with him the usual misgivings about whether he had the ability to make the grade in Ovens and Murray Football. His departure form the Hawks at the end of the 1969 season, brought down the curtainon an amazing career with the rovers, which had seen him play 236 games – all in succession. His name is indelibly etched in the record books and will live on and on. Rather slight, but solidly built, dour and determiden, he was first used as a rover, but later settled down to become one of the strongest, hard hitting defenders in the history of the club. He roved in the 1958 and 1960 premiership teams and would have gained inside knowledge of the tricks of the trade used by resting rovers, an education that was to prove beneficial to him when he was later slotted into the back pocket. It appeared that on-ballers were keen to stay on the ball a little longer that usual, so as to escape the clutches of the menacing, granite like Greskie. He treated opponents, big and small, with contempt and combinedsuperbly with the playerswho held down the full back post – Teddy Pearse, “Bugs” Kelly and Bill McKenzie. The memory of Greskie breaking clear, bouncing the ball with seeming arrogance around the boundary and booting it out of harm’s way, still remains vivid in the mind. The run of successive games was all the more remarkable when it was disclosed many years later, that he often played with head-splitting migraines. Greskie played his part in the Premierships of 1964 and 1965 and highlighted his 1966 season by representing the Ovens and Murray against the Hamben League. He was Best and Fairest in 1965 and vice-captain to Ian Brewer in 1968, the same year that he conferred Life Membership upon him. Youngsters who were in short pants when Len was starring for the Hawks in the late 50’s and were coming into the game in his final years, admired his professional approach and respect for the club. His last game for the Hawks was in the 1969 Preliminary Final, when he led a depleted team against Wangaratta. Greskie was appointed captain-coach of North Wangaratta, the Ovens and King “Cinderella” team. Within a couple of years they has become a team to be feared and took out the 1973 Flag. He played fine footall with North and led the side superbly. Ironically though he suffered a number of injuries – in direct contrast to his unblemished run with the Rovers. Club analysts would still plump for iron-man Greskie as a shoe-in for the back pocket position in the Rovers’ Best Ever Team.