Hall of Fame – Keith Ottrey

2003 Hall of Fame Inductee – Keith Edward Ottrey (Dec)

1946 (Ovens and King F.L.)
Leading goal-kicker – 1950 (equal), 1952
Fourth: Best & Fairest – 1953
Best Clubman – 1957
Committee member: 1963 – 1970
Club Secretary: 1964 – 1965
Vice President: 1967
Club President: 1968 – 1969
134 (O & M 1950-61) (O & K 1946-49)

It is easy to understand why Hall of Fame honours are bestowed upon the heroes of the Rovers’ successful eras. But it is just as important to recall the courage and dedication of those persons that bore the Club through its harsher times, particularly in the early days in the Ovens and Murray League. Such a player was KEITH EDWARD OTTREY. Firstly as a player in the period of the Club’s infancy and the transfer from the Ovens and King League to the Ovens and Murray, Keith Ottrey shared the hard work and initial disappointments. At the start, Keith was the Hawks’ first rover but it was as a back pocket where his hard-hitting, straight-ahead style won him the nickname of “the little demon”. Keith played for the Rovers throughout the decade of the Fifties. In 1953 and 1956 he was good enough to win Ovens and Murray League selection, but he missed out on the Hawks first Senior Premiership in 1958 under Bobby Rose, settling for a Reserves flag with his mate Alan Bell. Keith’s introduction to football administration began as Players’ Representative in the early Fifties, but it was following retirement from the field in 1961 that Keith became one of the great administrators in the Club’s history. Keith Ottrey served on the Committee of the Wangaratta Rovers Football Club from 1963 to 1970. In those years he served as Secretary, Vice President and finally President of the Hawks during a period when the foundations were laid for the phenomenal success of the Club in the Seventies. Keith was acclaimed a life member of the WRFC in the Sixties and he remained a stalwart of the Rovers for over half a century, one of the truly great pioneers of the Ovens and Murray Hawks. Although Keith has not been as active around the Club in recent years, his son Mark was a player and great clubman with the Rovers in the late Seventies and early Eighties, and in 2003 his grand son