Club Vision

Our vision is to provide all sectors of the regional Wangaratta community with quality sport and recreational opportunities throughout their life time – Quality, Community Sport for Life.  We are also motivated by wanting to progress our desire to play finals football and netball on a regular basis in all of our grades.

To support our vision we are committed to the provision of the highest quality facilities that are attractive, functional, available for different membership groups and appropriate to their needs and such that all club facilities and equipment meet accredited Australian Safety Standards.

We are also proud of our desire to further our family club ideals ensuring player welfare is paramount in an environment where goodwill and respect prevail whilst developing our people, players and volunteers through provision of quality coaching and leadership.



“” To be an all-inclusive environment in which relationships and sporting achievements are celebrated,

where individuals can flourish with a focus on …  “    





ASSION : Desire , Ambition , Making a Difference , Excitement , Enjoyment

ESPECT : All Club Members & Community , Fair , Listen , Constructive , Feedback , Equality , History

NTEGRITY : Honesty , Communication , Reliability , Accountability

ISCIPLINE : Efffort , Continuous Drive , Improvement

NDEAVOUR : Toughness , Sacrifice , Honesty , Courage